Monday, 12 January 2015

Heading into Week 2


Well with being back at work last week I don't have as much to say as last time but I'm still pretty pleased. I managed to finish Shadow and Bone 
I finished this on Saturday and it was brilliant. I really enjoyed Alina as a main character I was hoping and routing for her and Mal throughout most of the book. I don't want to give too much away as I hope you'll want to read this yourself (which I completely recommend if you're a fan of fantasy). But I'm going to cheat slightly and here is the blub off waterstones
 'Lonely orphan Alina discovers a power that could be the key to saving her
 kingdom. But can she trust the seductive, powerful Darkling? And what about Mal, the childhood best friend she can't quite forget? Irresistible. Epic. This is glorious sweeping fantasy and the romance to end all romances' 
This was a really great read, it kept me gripped and wanting to read on and see what would happen but also how it would end as I was fully aware going into this that it was a trilogy. So I was always wondering getting towards the end how they would close this off. I suppose you could read this as a standalone but you would be left with a lot of unanswered questions but also I don't know any one who would just want to read this one, it's such a great read you do just want to go onto the next one. I have popped the second one (Siege and Storm) into my tbr jar right away and plan on purchasing once my birthday has passed on Friday. (Just to make sure don't do any doubling up and see if I get any book vouchers.)

So the next book which was pulled out (by hubby) of my tbr jar is a reread and it's this beauty 
I got this new set for Christmas from my mum and dad and it's just soo darn pretty and it just feels amazing in your hands its like a rubbery texture which is probably the wrong way to describe it but that's how it feels to me. So as I said this is a reread, and I'm not setting myself the task of reading them all this year which I know some booktubers and book bloggers. How I'm approaching it is, when I've read the one the next one will be put into the tbr jar and then when I pull that one out and so forth so there's no guarantee when I will read the next one. I just figured this was a nice way of going about it and also I won't feel guilty about getting distracted by other books in between. So I'm currently upto chapter 3 and hoping to have it finished by/on the weekend but just have to see how I go as there should hopefully be a few things going on this week. 

Making good progress so far with my challenge of the year of 20 books though 2 complete and onto the third and it's only 12th Jan :) 

I did also manage to do some Project Life over the weekend as well, I pretty much managed to complete two more pages although there is one slot left for a photo and I need to change of the cards in it.
I just need to change the bottom left card in this one to a month card and then this page will be complete. The top left is a recap card, I'm not sure how I feel about it at the moment so might change this one slightly but will be the same concept and information. 
Here's the second page this is the one which is missing a photo or card but not 100% sure what to pop in their yet I might change the recap card and split onto two but it will get filled. Still pleased with the progress I've been making and hope to keep it up.

This is mainly all I have to share this week sorry was a bit quieter with heading back to work after the Christmas hols but will hope to have more next week with activities going on and hoping to get projects started and continued.