Saturday, 20 July 2013

Project life session 1

Today while Doug was having to do work which I wasn't able to help with, I took the opportunity to spread all my project life and crafting things over the living room. 
It was a little bit daunting to start off with as I wasn't really sure where to go with it and where to start but I figured best jump in. A lot of project life that I see on the Internet seems to work week by week but considering I'm starting it in July I didn't really feel I could do this. Hoping to follow this pathway in the new year and hit that off in 2014.
So I figured with what starting I'd try and approach it monthly. I had photos from January when we had all the snow here in the UK so I used these on my first two pages after the starting front page for which I used the recommendation cards and figured I might add a picture to at a later date.

However I soon found I might be struggling with completing pages in my pl mainly due to the fact it does focus on quiet a few landscape shots where as I soon found ours are predominantly portrait luckily enough I'd ordered some pocket protectors for Sarah's Cards by American Craft and I was able to muddle through. I also found another annoying thing rather quickly that even though I ordered our photo prints to be 6x4 they are actually bigger than this so I'm having to trim them down to fit in the pockets.
But I'm still really pleased with it all and I got into the flow of it and completed some more pages.
Amazing! And I'm sure I'll get better at it with time as I get used to the products and developing my own designs and flare.