Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day One

I have been toying with starting a blog for ages and now I think I have the motivation to do it. I have been posting (author) a thread on youandyourwedding.org and this made me realise I could do it in the first instance but more importantly want to and I want to write and report about more stuff not just the wedding.

So I've done it I've bit the bullet and created a blog. I will be mainly sharing the ins and outs of what's been going on in my life, from recipes I have been trying, to the trials and tribulations of living on a working dairy farm, craft activities I have been getting up to and going towards being a wife and all that the future holds. So in other words a load of random stuff.

Right a bit of background. I live in a little village in Worcestershire called Suckley I have lived there for nearly 2 years now, I relocated to live with my fiancé, we got engaged last September and we're getting married in May next year! ! Exciting times! We live on a working dairy farm, it's his families which has been passed down from his grandfather to his father currently in the hopes that Doug and his brother Henry will carry on working on forever haha It's an amazing place to live and I wouldn't change anything for world.

I work in admin at our local University to help bring in some extra money but of course the ideal dream would be a stay at home farmers wife and do all the duties which come along with this but in reality this probably won't be an option so we carry on.

That's enough of the general stuff.

I'm looking forward to going home tonight, as we bought a new camera on the weekend which is amazing but I shall hopefully be retrieving some pictures off there to print but the piece of Resistance is that hopefully the rest of my venture in to craft should have arrived. I am hoping to start do some project life type albums as these seem like they might be the best way forward for me in the world of scrapbook/photo booking. As although I am a fan of scrapbook a lot of the time it just seems a bit faffy whereas with the project life style is all seems a bit more easy to get into an actually do. So this is my next adventure and hopefully hobby which will continue for a long period of time. (Already ordered a mini album and wedding kit ready for the wedding photographs) So looking forward to getting home opening up my parcels and seeing all the goodies they contain inside and getting started! I will then hopefully be able to get some photo's posted up as well.