Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day One Follow Up

Well as mentioned at the end of my post yesterday. I was looking forward to going home and being able to open up my parcel and seeing what goodies it contained inside. I was not disappointed. I had ordered 2 Project Life core kits and they are amazing. I was a bit scared to open them at first as I thought I might damage or lose some or break something the general illogical thoughts. So I just opened up the outside packaging so I could just see the cards closer up and see the ones at the bottom of the pile. From what I could deduce it looks as though some of the cards are repeated a few times which will definitely come in handy and well there are loads! Each pack contains 616 cards there are a few which are 4x6 but the rest are mainly 3x4 but they are all so amazing I’m so pleased with them though and can’t wait to start properly using them. I didn’t get chance to go through and start printing photos last night the evening got away with us a bit. So maybe tonight. I should hopefully have arriving today the mini album and mini core kit wedding themed ready to pop into the pile of wedding thingys ready to use after the wedding when we get our photos back from our incredible photographer.

Not sure why it has put the picture on it's side when the picture was horizontal on all formats it was taken and even when I open it up fully on the computer but you get the idea. The two project life core kits. 

Along with ordering the core kits I ordered a project life basics kit. This contained lots of different elements for using with project life. It was offered on my new found favor website for getting craft from Sarah’s Cards everything on there seems to be reasonably priced and doesn't seem to have the long waiting periods of other sites. I was really pleased with all which was put together for this kit. I really like the Studio Calico Kraft and Vellum Polaroid Frames I’m looking forward to teaming these up with some great snaps to pop into the folder. I would definitely recommend this kit as value for money and great versatility of use. 

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