Monday, 5 January 2015

2015 ! !

Hello 2015! 

I know I know I dropped off a bit at the end of last year but there was a fair bit going on and I didn't feel I wanted to blog about it and then as always life just got a bit on top of me. But it's a New Year and so back to trying to write each Monday morning.

I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and New Year. Our Christmas was lovely and was just so nice to have a decent length of time off work and be at home. Although as with when you have any time off several days were filled up with things. But before going back to work today I had a great day at home seeing my best friend in the morning, family at lunch (very tasty food) and then a quite evening me and the husband bliss before back to the grind stone today haha. 

I'm going to be following much of the same format as last year with posting about books I've been reading, things I've been making and doing, exciting dishes I've been cooking and just generally what I've been getting upto.

So let's start off with books. I'm going to attempt the Good Reads reading challenge this year I didn't quiet make my target last year but then I didn't start until May so missed out on a few month. I'm going to be realistic with my goal though so I can hopefully achieve it. I've set myself the target of 20 books for the year which might sound a low target but I figured that still more than one book a month and allows for if I've chosen a large book to tackle so here's to hoping.

I've finished one book so far this year:
I started this one as a 12 days of Christmas read but it was soooo good I couldn't just stick to one a day. I couldn't more highly recommend this as a Christmas read and even one for picking up in the winter and doing rereads. I was really surprised by the amount of stories I loved in this book and there was only 1 which I didn't like at all and just ended up skimming over. But I cannot stress how good some of the stories are in it and how much I wanted them to be full length books. I have this 5 out of 5 and well it's just so darn pretty too!!

So onto the next book for this year which I started shortly after finishing the above. I've started reading: 

I'm only 100 pages into it so far but I'm enjoying it. It's a fantasy book and it's based around a girl called Alina, as I said I'm only 100 pages in so far and so it's all only just starting to happen in the plot. But so far I'm really enjoying the writing style and the characters. I've just started thinking about where I think it might go when I'm reading it and what I might expect so will be interesting when I carry on as to whether my thoughts and ideas will pan out, I'm hoping I'm wrong about a couple of feelings and get some nice surprises. So far so good though and just have to wait to see how it goes. I probably won't mention this one again until I've finished it though. 

Craft things.
So to begin with I wanted to make a tbr (to be read) and tbw (to be watched) jars. I've seen tbr jars in various forms on booktube for a little while and well I wanted to do my own and guess it would help me decide which book to read next if I haven't got one in mind and I can keep on adding to it.
Now the tbw jar was because my husband and I are very indecisive sometimes and this way it took responsibility from each of us with which film to pick. We're going to try out this year making sure we put at least 1 night a side for us to do something together, whether watch a film, go for a meal etc. So we wrote 18 films down and added them to the jar. I'm really pleased with the way the jars look and turned out.

So after not much persuasion and hardly any encouragement I'm going to give Project Life a go this year and the aim is to stick at it. My best friend came over on Sunday to give me a hand as she had already started hers and she also showed me how to use some apps and also we found out that we can use our printer direct from our iphone and ipads which will make things so much easier and I'm just so happy that we will be able to print direct from them rather than having to send to emails and then print from laptop etc just soo excited and will hopefully help keep motivation because of the ease of being able to do it. Also my best friend and I have made an agreement that we will help keep each other motivated with doing it and on track so fingers crossed to see how it goes. Here is my front page of this years album :-) I'm really happy with the way it has turned out. 

There are probably some things I'm forgetting but I guess they can always be covered in another post.
I hope you are all having a brilliant start to the New Year.