Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Finished it :)


Well I did it I finally finished 
Now don't get me wrong I did enjoy reading this book I just felt it took me a long time to actually finish this book. As this is the fifth book in the series with only Last Sacrifice to come the ending might be a little frustrating for some as obviously it's leaving it so you need to read the last book to find out what's going to happen to Rose. I will definitely be reading the last book and have already ordered it and will hopefully be arriving today :) I do really enjoy the Vampire Academy series and is one I would definitely recommend, I just felt a little disappointed at how long it took me to read.

And in true style I had already decided which book I was going to read next and started it straight away so my next read is: 
Now although the reason this book was flagged to me as one to read I didn't know much about it other than the main character is a bit like Rouge out of the XMEN in the case she can't touch anyone, although Juliette causes pain when she touches people and can even kill. Other than this I didn't know much about this book other than booktuber Whitney completely loves this series, and loves Warner. She's even gone as far and she wants to improve her German to have the German copy of Shatter Me and has been reading it too.
I'm only just over 200 pages in but so far I'm enjoying it and I'm really interested to see where the story goes and what developments there are. I really like the writing style and how it's written as it is from Juliette's point of view and you feel like she's the one writing it because of repetitive words and lines crossed through just; love the concept. So yes very excited to see where it goes, soo excited infact I ordered the second book which should be arriving today as well.

Only other bit of news is that my work colleague has now gone off on maternity leave and before she left I was able to finish and give her the baby blanket I had been sewing. 
So theres the finished article I'm really pleased with it and she really liked it so that's the main thing. My mum helped (pretty much did) with the binding so was all complete and finished. I wasn't too sure about the front colours to begin with but really liked the finished look of it all and the pug fabric on the back is just amazing!

Well all for now and will be back soon.