Tuesday, 16 February 2016

It's been a while

Well it's been a fair while since I last posted and I guess it's easy to say a lot has happened. The biggest being this 
We've had a baby. H was born on December 11th and wow what a change to life it brings and she is amazing.

My pregnancy went pretty smoothly right up until my 40week appointment when unfortunately I was suffering with hypertension. I hadn't had any problems or anything until that appointment. So my midwife called the unit at the hospital and then told me to come in, it was still high when they checked it later and so therefore admitted me and I was induced that night. So definitely wasn't the ideal situation or the birth we had hoped for. I ended up having to have an instrumental delivery as H was getting a little distressed towards then end so wanted to get her out a bit quicker.
I did have one side effect of being pregnant which was a little strange though I couldn't read. Like obviously I could read things and do my work but as in reading for pleasure, I couldn't do it. I just couldn't focus on it or really fancied it, so I didn't read a single book for about 8months. Now though I'm happy to say I'm back to reading when H is asleep on me and have read 3 books so far and currently on the 4th.

I'm breastfeeding so that has been a bit of a challenge. It's true what they say with getting through the first 6 weeks. Breastfeeding itself now is fine a lot easier than the beginning. It's just other bits which I feel I'm battling with ok not battling as think that's too strong and harsh of a word. A few people I know who have recently had babies as well seem to be having a very different experience than us. I know everyone is different and all babies are individual but I just feel sometimes that maybe in doing something wrong or not doing as good of a job. As one thing we are still struggling with is being put down to sleep during the day. H falls asleep on me while feeding which is fine but then if I try and put her anywhere or in anything she wakes up. I have had two successes though where she lasted for an hour but that is only too occasions and she is now just over 9 weeks old. 
Husband build a shelf for on the side of the bed for her to sleep on so she wasn't in our bed for more than two nights as she woke everyone after finishing feeding and I tried to place her in the Moses basket. So the shelf has worked brilliantly as it means I can lean over and feed H and then roll away when she falls asleep. She has mixed nights sleeps but so far has never given me for then three hours in one go. Again this makes me feel like am I/we doing something wrong as other babies same age or even younger are giving their mummies and daddies many more hours than this in one block. I don't know might just be benign too hard on myself but it's difficult when you see other people saying about how many hours they have or even being able to go out as a couple and I'm still a bit wary of going out for too long and what people might think if I need to feed her while out. Again I know I shouldn't let it worry or get to me but can't help it.

I don't know I'm sure we'll get there in time and everything as she is only 9 weeks olds but yeah....bare with me.
Only really really annoying thing which is still occurring is leaking boobs god they irritate me! But Google informs be there should hopefully be an end in site with that too but I won't hold my breath.

Will update with books I've read so far in a separate post.