Monday, 16 February 2015

Slow Progress


Well keeping up to date this week, although sadly there isn't much to report. 

So after another good period last time of reading two books and starting a third I've flagged. I'm not in reading slump or anything like that I just seemed to have reverted back to my slow pace again and well I don't know actually I felt like I gave reading a good go over the weekend but didn't actually make much progress. It might be though because the book is one of the bigger ones I've read so far but then pages wise there's probably not much in it when I have read two books but maybe it's just because it's in one whole book. Oh I don't know I just know that I don't feel like I've progress very well.

So as you can see I'm only 163 pages in and on chapter 10. I feel like I've failed haha which I know is ridiculous but still I was really hoping that going into this even though I knew it was the biggest book so far it would only take me a little bit longer and hoped to finish in a week and half but nope definitely can't see that happening now and so I'm hoping maybe after another week I might be there but guess we shall just have to see. It will all depend on how much reading I can get in during the week as well.

All this being said I'm fairly enjoying it so far. I mean it's nice to be back with the characters as I do like Rose, Lissa and Adrian for that matter but I do feel sometimes maybe it is a little bit slow. It might pick up I don't know yet but it does feel like it drags on slightly. But I'm only on chapter 10 so could pick up yet. Will be interesting to see what develops during this book and where it ends for leading onto the last book in the series. 

Only other bad news to report is that I didn't get anymore sewing done this week! Naughty very naughty as my deadline looms even closer so I'm going to have to rectify that this week and I'm going to try and set a side a couple of hours on two evening to catch up a bit. As have to get it finished pretty soon! Will have to book my mum in as well for next Sunday or something so I can do the binding so there's my big deadline for pretty much having it finished. 

OOOOO nearly forgot, as I was poorly and needed a bit of cheering up and as I pointed out last time I suddenly had a bit of a lack in genre in my books on the shelf on Saturday I placed an Amazon order. :) Because we have Amazon Prime now they arrived on Sunday! Which is amazing. 

I don't think I went too over board I think this is fairly reasonable considering some of the book hauls you see on booktube, so I'll refer to this as a mini book haul. I'd seen some of these books being spoken about rather regularly and then others I'd been meaning to pick up for a while and then others I'd had recommended. Now I've already decided as soon as I've finished Spirit Bound I'm going to read Shatter Me. Then with a couple of the others they are in my tbr jar already and I'll either wait to pick them out of there or cheat and just go with what I fancy. I don't like to be too strict with how I choose what to read and when to read it. I figured the main thing when it comes to reading, you have to be interested and have a certain desire to read it otherwise you won't get into it, won't feel like reading it and then that's the way I figured a reading slump would then ensue. But so excited to have some of these finally and be able to have them ready to read. I'm a little daunted by the size of the Brandon Sanderson trilogy but again I've heard some great things about these and came recommended to me as well and who knows I might be completely engrossed by them and then want to marathon them (I doubt it though as don't really like the idea of marathoning haha). Guess we shall just have to wait and see when the time comes. So there's a bit more excitement to end the week on. 

That's it for this week and hope you enjoyed reading.

Monday, 9 February 2015



Sorry for the short absence but just been a bit hectic and not had chance to sit and type this out, but here we go.

So when I last left off I had started Fever well I haven't finished it. I had to put it down and read something different. Although I'm sure this will be a good read I just couldn't read it at the moment it was just the content in the beginning I wasn't in the right frame of mind and wasn't really a particular topic I wanted to read about so just had to stop and I'll put it back in my tbr jar to pick out and read on another occasion.

So after that and to lighten up mood and reading topic I went onto 

 It was a great change of topic and just what I needed. I love Stephanie's writing style and I loved how Anna appeared in the story as well. It was a great easy read which had me smiling. Ok yes these stories as you can imagine are slightly predictable but they are just an enjoyable read and one which has you smiling and feeling warm. Definitely one to read when wanting to interject a bit of romance but not too much swooning. I did really enjoy this but I feel like I slightly enjoyed Anna more but would still recommend and I plan on reading Ilsa sometime soon too. 3.5/4 out of 5 stars.

Next it was to the tbr jar and I pulled out this
Now I didn't really know what to expect from this one coming into it as I haven't read anything about it before and also haven't really heard much about it either but it was recommended to me a couple of years ago and it made it into my tbr jar and well I've read it. I read it on my kindle and it was a fairly quick read again I think I only took about 3 days to read it but wasn't bad. The concept was quiet good although I don't know if was used to it's full advantage, although it is a series so don't know if this is developed more as the series goes on. I liked Cammie as a main character and her friends/friendships seemed rather believable so it was nice to see this dynamic. I won't be picking up the next book straight away but wouldn't rule it out as one to pick up in the future. 3 out 5.

Now I didn't go to my tbr jar for this next one (although it is in there) I went to my bookshelf and husband. I had already decided I wanted to read something fantasy/supernatural in nature and so out of the ones in the living room on the book shelf which I realised I'm lacking a bit in this department at the moment as I have been increasing my contemporary/romance so will soon be buying some more books :) So out of the ones I could see I pointed a couple out to my husband he read the backs and gave me one to read so I am currently reading
This is the fifth book in the series and only one more after this. I have really enjoyed the series so far although I did find the last book dragged a little bit but none the less still enjoyed it and wanted to continue with the series. So I'm not very far into it just yet only about 30 pages but aim is to hopefully finish it in about a week and half as it's slightly bigger than other books I've been reading but I guess we'll see.

I am really pleased that so far this year I have read 7 books (so proud) so making good progress with hopefully hitting my 20 books for the year. I've also be very good with un-hauling books before buying any new ones, so have a few gaps on my self ready for new ones, so hopefully I will buy a few more books over the coming months (as long as budget allows). My sister also got my a waterstone voucher for my birthday so purchased two new books with that last week so I got Amy and Roger's Epic Detour and Burn for Burn, so those will get popped into my tbr jar hopefully soon to be picked out.

With sewing I haven't really made anymore progress than sewing the block together hoping to add the boards this week and then onto the wadding deadline is getting closer now so will really have to make progress with this.

Will update soon. Bye for now