Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Just an update and quick one

So have a few things to mention today. On Sunday I went to hobbycraft and the range to pick up some supplies and oh I love hobbycraft if I wasn't careful I could end up spending an absolute fortune in there. Also with not only getting supplies for photo booking and scrapbooking 
( I can't wait to have a go with sew easy)
I got mr & mrs free standing letters to directorate for on the top table at the wedding and were a bargain. Just have to decide how to decorate I'm thinking baler twine but if this doesn't work cow print haha.
So Sunday afternoon I spent some time doing some more pages in my project life I am still learning and developing my own style but so far I think they look good
I had the day off work yesterday although I didn't get as much done as I would have liked to. It was Doug's mums birthday so we met up with family for lunch which was really nice. Then we went and bought some cheap chicken which can't wait to eat love chicken and its versatility. Got back sorted out that then fed the calves and then it was time to go to gym class which was very busy and sweaty but always a good class on a Monday night. Then we went over to doug's mums for a BBQ tea which was tasty! So busy day in all but didn't get to do little things I wanted.

I did get to bake and have a go at doing bakewell flapjacks although didn't quiet finish them off and haven't even tried them yet so not sure what they will be like. Doug broke a little bit off the top but didn't like it but he didn't try the full piece but I already know they won't be right for him because he likes them really gooey and greasy and these aren't. Will let you know what they are like once finished and tried. 

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Project life session 1

Today while Doug was having to do work which I wasn't able to help with, I took the opportunity to spread all my project life and crafting things over the living room. 
It was a little bit daunting to start off with as I wasn't really sure where to go with it and where to start but I figured best jump in. A lot of project life that I see on the Internet seems to work week by week but considering I'm starting it in July I didn't really feel I could do this. Hoping to follow this pathway in the new year and hit that off in 2014.
So I figured with what starting I'd try and approach it monthly. I had photos from January when we had all the snow here in the UK so I used these on my first two pages after the starting front page for which I used the recommendation cards and figured I might add a picture to at a later date.

However I soon found I might be struggling with completing pages in my pl mainly due to the fact it does focus on quiet a few landscape shots where as I soon found ours are predominantly portrait luckily enough I'd ordered some pocket protectors for Sarah's Cards by American Craft and I was able to muddle through. I also found another annoying thing rather quickly that even though I ordered our photo prints to be 6x4 they are actually bigger than this so I'm having to trim them down to fit in the pockets.
But I'm still really pleased with it all and I got into the flow of it and completed some more pages.
Amazing! And I'm sure I'll get better at it with time as I get used to the products and developing my own designs and flare. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Forgot to say

I forgot to say about earlier a new desert recipe I have tried. On the weekend while I was at future MIL house while she was having an open house event I watch Saturday Farm Dick Strawberry made a white chocolate and raspberry shortbread cake which looked amazing. Therefore I was inspired to give it a go myself with a twist. I don't like raspberries so switched these out for strawberries. So yesterday evening I made it and its a hit in the house. Served it with vanilla ice cream and was very tasty 
Picture doesn't do it justice but you can see the idea. 

So it begins

On Sunday I managed to sort out getting our photos printed by a well known online site as this seemed a quicker and easier option than printing them off at home. They have arrived today so that means can start on Project Life so the first step is that I've had a look through which pocket protectors I have and picked one which I thought might look good as the first page in the album and I started a plan
Don't think it looks bad for a first attempt of where I might go with it if not a little indecisive. I'm so excited about getting started. I also picked up some more pens yesterday to be able to write on journaling cards so that will be nice to add in colour variety with this too.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Few Days Later

Well its a few days later. The mini album and wedding edition mini kit of project life arrived ready to be able to filled with beautiful pics from our pending nuptials.

For some reason it doesn't want to add the picture in when I copy it and when I add it it turns it sideways :( 

We had a lovely weekend on the farm and on Sunday it reached soring temperatures of 28 degrees so we got the paddling pool out for Rolo to be able to lie down in and cool off and just tried to flitter in and out the house and the garden. My parents came across on Sunday as well which is always nice and we just spent the time in the garden with them chatting and having a cuppa. Mum was also a help in trying to persuade Doug to go on a honeymoon as so far he’s been dead set against but I’ll carry on working at him and hopefully might be able to arrange something.
Yesterday evening went to the gym and oh my god it was hot and hard work! The room we do the classes in has no air con so it was sweltering. Had to pop out in one of the rest periods and wet my face to try and cool down but got back to it and tried to work as hard as I could in the heat. Have another class tonight and I’m sure this one will be just as hot! Unfortunately I can’t go to Thursday class this week L as we have a work colleagues leaving meal but I will try and behave and have something light and not too bad. Have to try and shift a bit of weight and tone up some way.  

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Day One Follow Up

Well as mentioned at the end of my post yesterday. I was looking forward to going home and being able to open up my parcel and seeing what goodies it contained inside. I was not disappointed. I had ordered 2 Project Life core kits and they are amazing. I was a bit scared to open them at first as I thought I might damage or lose some or break something the general illogical thoughts. So I just opened up the outside packaging so I could just see the cards closer up and see the ones at the bottom of the pile. From what I could deduce it looks as though some of the cards are repeated a few times which will definitely come in handy and well there are loads! Each pack contains 616 cards there are a few which are 4x6 but the rest are mainly 3x4 but they are all so amazing I’m so pleased with them though and can’t wait to start properly using them. I didn’t get chance to go through and start printing photos last night the evening got away with us a bit. So maybe tonight. I should hopefully have arriving today the mini album and mini core kit wedding themed ready to pop into the pile of wedding thingys ready to use after the wedding when we get our photos back from our incredible photographer.

Not sure why it has put the picture on it's side when the picture was horizontal on all formats it was taken and even when I open it up fully on the computer but you get the idea. The two project life core kits. 

Along with ordering the core kits I ordered a project life basics kit. This contained lots of different elements for using with project life. It was offered on my new found favor website for getting craft from Sarah’s Cards everything on there seems to be reasonably priced and doesn't seem to have the long waiting periods of other sites. I was really pleased with all which was put together for this kit. I really like the Studio Calico Kraft and Vellum Polaroid Frames I’m looking forward to teaming these up with some great snaps to pop into the folder. I would definitely recommend this kit as value for money and great versatility of use. 

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Day One

I have been toying with starting a blog for ages and now I think I have the motivation to do it. I have been posting (author) a thread on youandyourwedding.org and this made me realise I could do it in the first instance but more importantly want to and I want to write and report about more stuff not just the wedding.

So I've done it I've bit the bullet and created a blog. I will be mainly sharing the ins and outs of what's been going on in my life, from recipes I have been trying, to the trials and tribulations of living on a working dairy farm, craft activities I have been getting up to and going towards being a wife and all that the future holds. So in other words a load of random stuff.

Right a bit of background. I live in a little village in Worcestershire called Suckley I have lived there for nearly 2 years now, I relocated to live with my fiancé, we got engaged last September and we're getting married in May next year! ! Exciting times! We live on a working dairy farm, it's his families which has been passed down from his grandfather to his father currently in the hopes that Doug and his brother Henry will carry on working on forever haha It's an amazing place to live and I wouldn't change anything for world.

I work in admin at our local University to help bring in some extra money but of course the ideal dream would be a stay at home farmers wife and do all the duties which come along with this but in reality this probably won't be an option so we carry on.

That's enough of the general stuff.

I'm looking forward to going home tonight, as we bought a new camera on the weekend which is amazing but I shall hopefully be retrieving some pictures off there to print but the piece of Resistance is that hopefully the rest of my venture in to craft should have arrived. I am hoping to start do some project life type albums as these seem like they might be the best way forward for me in the world of scrapbook/photo booking. As although I am a fan of scrapbook a lot of the time it just seems a bit faffy whereas with the project life style is all seems a bit more easy to get into an actually do. So this is my next adventure and hopefully hobby which will continue for a long period of time. (Already ordered a mini album and wedding kit ready for the wedding photographs) So looking forward to getting home opening up my parcels and seeing all the goodies they contain inside and getting started! I will then hopefully be able to get some photo's posted up as well.