Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hello Again! Books!

Well I guess it's been just a bit of time between my last post and this one. Oh well let's start a new and hello!
It's been a little over a year since my last post and a fair bit has changed. To start I got married which was amazing and just a brilliant day it couldn't have gone any better! 

We are still on my husband's family farm which is brilliant. He and his brother have taken over milking completely now so that's a bigger job for the both of them but now that they are both full time here they have come up with an arrangement that suits the both of them at the moment.

I have done some more sewing over the last few months but I would like to do more and should do more! My main projects have been a couple of baby blankets/quilts which I made for a couple of friends, and then I also made a pair of cushion covers for my husband's grandmother for Christmas. I have one more baby blanket lined up to do and probably a few more pairs of cushions. 
So there's some pics of projects. I'm really proud of them and can't wait to make some more but probably won't be for a few weeks as have some other commitments first. As I mainly do sewing with my mum on a Sunday and she has been teaching me all the bits I don't know how to do myself yet. So hopefully will have some new things to report on soon.
Finally and my most exciting item to talk about is books! I've really got back into reading again lately. I had a little bit of a lull but now so super excited about books that I just wish I was a quicker reader than I actually am(I'm actually really quiet slow but still enjoy) so I could get through the huge list of books I would like to get through. 
So I'm currently reading
This was a complete and utter steal on Amazon kindle it was 99p and I just couldn't pass it up. I'd also heard a lot about this book and series through a lot of book tube videos so wanted to give it a try. I'm about 60% of the way through at the moment and so I don't really want to say too much and will write a bit of a review once I'm finished. I was on a bit of a book spree so I also got on kindle 
This was also a series which I heard about through book tube and so added it to my tbr. The series is currently on offer on Amazon kindle for £1.99 each so you can get all three books in the series for less than the cost of one in print. I will probably end up kicking myself but I've only bought the first one so far as wanted to see what it was like but from the sounds of other reviews I will probably love it and want the others and probably won't be on offer by then.
The next book I got on my kindle spree was 
Now when I first heard about this book it was a really annoying american woman talking about it and it was probably more her making me make a judgment rather than the book and well she didn't seem to know much about the book. After watching more and more book tubes lots of them were raving about this series so thought I would add it on my Amazon wish list only to find out when I looked at it it was on offer for 51p!!! 51p! What a complete and utter bargain so therefore I bought it there and then. Now in all honesty I probably won't get round to reading this one potentially this side of the new year but I have it ready! 
The last part of my book haul for this month is actual books from Amazon  and I'm so excited about theses! 
I have read the first 4 in the vampire academy series and I got those in a box set a few Christmases ago and have read all those now so needed spirit bound to continue with the series and as I have the rest of the series in paper back I wanted to continue with it this way. 
Wither is the first in the chemical garden trilogy and I have heard nothing but good things about this series so I couldn't resist but try it out. I got it in paper back as it was pretty much the same cost in paper back as it was on kindle.
My true love gave to me is a book of short stories which Stephanie Perkins edited and it's Christmas themed and consists of 12 stories from some amazing authors. Now because it's Christmas themed and consists of 12 stories I thought I would do a 12 days of Christmas with it so will be reading this in December 😄
Finally the darkest minds by Alexandra  Bracken this is a dystopian series which again I've heard nothing but amazing things about and I'm hoping to read this next after I've finished the raven boys. 
So sorry for the really long post and rambling but hope you've enjoyed.