Monday, 9 March 2015

Feeling Tired


Well it's Monday morning and this Monday I'm feeling a bit tired. I don't think there is any particular reason behind this just think there has been things going on and probably all got on top of me and just need to have a bit of a recuperate. 

So onto more interesting things well lets see. 

I finished this on Thursday
Shatter me was a really good read. I enjoy the flow of the story, I liked the characters so far, I'm very much an Adam fan but whether this will change as the series continues I cant say yet. But as I said last week I just enjoyed reading this and I loved it from her perspective with the whole crossed out lines as though she was almost telling you in a stream of consciousness and then going back over things. Yeah really good, second one brought received and will pick up soon. (Look at Rolo lay down in the back ground, looking very orange love him)

Now in true me style I picked up another book straight away and started reading it round my husbands grans that evening before we had tea.
I'm approaching my reading at the moment where I don't just want to get stuck reading the same thing over again and reading the same genre all the time. Now I've only really started to read the contemporary genre in the last 8-12 months. So I'm sure that I am probably reading loads of books that have been around for ages and many will have read already. So sorry if you think I'm slow on the uptake (I probably am but I'm liking it) Therefore I'm trying to alternate at the moment between fantasy/dystopian genre and contemporary genre. Now I'm not saying I will always be doing this as if there is something that I really want to read and just can't wait I'll read that but this is what I've been going for with my last few reads.
So this book is in my tbr jar and in light of the new way going forward I started reading Amy and Roger's epic detour by Morgan Matson. Going into this book, I knew it was a road trip book at the cover and title suggest. The main character Amy has recently lost her father and this journey comes about as her mum is selling the house and moved to Connecticut and she needs the car so after finals asks Amy to drive the car to there. Amy however can't face driving at the moment and we get hints as to why through the beginning part of the book and then throughout the first 5 sections (that's the area I'm upto at the moment so can't really say where it develops to or draws a line)  so this is why Roger gets pulled into the task of driving Amy to her mothers as he is going to Philadelphia to stay with his father for the rest of the summer. It is a really good read so far and I'm loving the pages with playlists on, pictures, receipts, it feels a bit like a story come scrapbook of the journey. I've got about 100 pages left to go and I can't actually think of anything bad to say about this book. I think most people would probably choose this as a summer read and I would probably recommend it as that but I'm really enjoying it and looking forward to reading on.

Only really other bit to show you for the moment was the amazing roast we cooked yesterday (I say we, mainly I did it with a little help from husband) so very proud of it and it was delicious and well the portion size is on the large but we didn't really then eat anything else the rest of the day but soo yum

We're taking my mum and dad for a meal tonight as a birthday present for my mum as it was her birthday on 5th so no cooking for me tonight :) so the extra effort that went into the roast yesterday was worth it. I think we will be trying to add a roast in on a Sunday when we can now as was soo good..... can you tell I enjoyed it haha.

Well will update next week with hopefully at least one new book and possible a few other ideas and project potentially coming up in the pipeline.

Hope everyone is well and good.