Friday, 16 August 2013

Past couple of weeks

Sorry haven't updated for a couple of weeks I've been meaning to and then time just seemed to get away from me.

So what's been going on since I last posted well. I haven't had chance to do any more project life since the last post but I was able to make a real dent with the invites and nearly have the day invites complete done only the gift insert left to be cut and added to them. This is only because we changed what was on it as we were originally asking for donations towards our honeymoon, however since we took over the milking at the end of last month we realise this is not a realistic option.
( our herdsman who had been with the farm for over 40years! Retired on the 31st July so Doug and his brother Henry took over this responsibility so earlier mornings)
We have decided to probably just have a couple of weekends away and call this our honeymoon so on the gift section we thought we would ask for donations towards our bathroom and kitchen renovations as these are still the same sets since the flat was created for Doug grandma and therefore are over 30years. We hope people won't mind and if anything might be a bit of a talking point at the wedding.

The hair pins arrived for the wedding after much deliberation over these and they look really good and will hopefully work well on the day.
Also I went to Hereford the other day and found a frame which I think will work perfectly for putting the table plan in 
Was a bargain as well at £6.99 although Doug moaned at me for getting it now at least it's sorted and not something have to think or worry about closer to the time. One of my work colleagues is incredible a bout a month ago she brought me this gift back from France
And when I came back into work the other day after a long weekend look what she had brought me
  She made the hat and bow tie herself as they only seemed to do the bride version but incredible I can't wait to have them there on the day I think they are brilliant! 

Right think that is enough for the moment back soon and I mean soon!