Tuesday, 9 July 2013

A Few Days Later

Well its a few days later. The mini album and wedding edition mini kit of project life arrived ready to be able to filled with beautiful pics from our pending nuptials.

For some reason it doesn't want to add the picture in when I copy it and when I add it it turns it sideways :( 

We had a lovely weekend on the farm and on Sunday it reached soring temperatures of 28 degrees so we got the paddling pool out for Rolo to be able to lie down in and cool off and just tried to flitter in and out the house and the garden. My parents came across on Sunday as well which is always nice and we just spent the time in the garden with them chatting and having a cuppa. Mum was also a help in trying to persuade Doug to go on a honeymoon as so far he’s been dead set against but I’ll carry on working at him and hopefully might be able to arrange something.
Yesterday evening went to the gym and oh my god it was hot and hard work! The room we do the classes in has no air con so it was sweltering. Had to pop out in one of the rest periods and wet my face to try and cool down but got back to it and tried to work as hard as I could in the heat. Have another class tonight and I’m sure this one will be just as hot! Unfortunately I can’t go to Thursday class this week L as we have a work colleagues leaving meal but I will try and behave and have something light and not too bad. Have to try and shift a bit of weight and tone up some way.